The Not A Cornfield Project Blog + Podcast

This is the official blog of the Not A Cornfield project, a living sculpture in the form of a field of corn. The project is located just North of downtown Los Angeles on a large stretch of land well known as β€œThe Cornfield.”

La Ofrenda 2006 Announced -- Art + Music + Ceremony -- Nov. 2-5 @ Under Spring

THURSDAY, NOV 2 @ 5:45am
The general public is invited to join in honoring the Tongva ancestors at Cornhenge, the Metabolic sculpture, in the area previously know as Not A Cornfield. The indigenous community of Los Angeles honors its ancestors through this sunrise ceremony 5:45 a.m. Please join us. Bring your songs, your drums, your dances and your heart. We will go in procession from Cornhenge to the Under Spring area, where a public Ofrenda will be accessible for the community to place their flowers, candles, photos, or any other remembrance in the name of their loved ones.

This sunrise ceremony will commence the on-going activities at Under Spring for the next four days.

FRIDAY, NOV 3 @ 7:30pm-12:00am

Four distinct areas will offer a plethora of interactive events from, performance & visual artists, drumming circles, video/digital presentations, dances, live music, tamales, non-alcoholic beverages and more. Revolving around all this activity will be a Traditional Ofrenda for all who wish to remember their loved ones. You may place a picture, a momento, a candle or a flower to this collective community offering for the ancestors, to celebrate life.

On the beautiful Living Ofrenda and in honor of all who have had a death experience and lived to tell of it, you can join in dance, drumming, singing or merely admire all the awe inspiring work from a collective group of artists. Or if you wish to sit and contemplate life through the lense of video and digital works accompanied by the Sovereign Nation Drum. Or still yet sit and join the Grandmother Talking Circles and learn about the Tongva ancestors, and many other traditions of this land our Mother Earth.The living Ofrenda is an evolving collage open to everyone. So please bring photo copies of living people or whatever you want to add to the wall....

SATURDAY, NOV 4 @ 12-8pm

The Ofrenda will be available for viewing from the hours of 12 noon – 8:00 pm
Fire circles and ambient music will make your viewing experience unforgettable.

SUNDAY, NOV. 5 @ 3:30pm-SUNSET

Please do join us from 3:30 pm – sunset. The water drums, the dolphin dance and the serpentine dance will take you into realms that heretofore you have not experienced. This is an interactive ceremony. If you are present you will participate. Please bring your parents so you can know that they are celebrating life together with you.