The Not A Cornfield Project Blog + Podcast

This is the official blog of the Not A Cornfield project, a living sculpture in the form of a field of corn. The project is located just North of downtown Los Angeles on a large stretch of land well known as “The Cornfield.”

Cornhenge Reacting; North Side Flowering

Cornhenge, the Not A Cornfield project's anabolic monument on the grounds of the Los Angeles State Historic Park, is living up to its descriptor -- as in, it's behaving, it's metabolizing, it's decomposing, anabolic-ly.

Turns out the 31 sculptures, which are composed of corn bales culled from the Not A Cornfield cornfield, have attained an average interior temperature of approximately 150-degrees Fahrenheit. That measurement was taken by Not A Cornfield, LLC agriculturalist / Community Seeds representative, Jaime Lopez, using a two-foot-long thermometer.

Meanwhile, climbing vines continue to cover Cornhenge, as anticipated.

Around the monument, and all across the northern half of the 32-acre grounds, the hydroseeding from mid-late March has now produced a dramatic horticultural display, flowers mingling with suddenly verdant vegetation. More specifics here.

Archival photos of Cornhenge in its early stages are here.