The Not A Cornfield Project Blog + Podcast

This is the official blog of the Not A Cornfield project, a living sculpture in the form of a field of corn. The project is located just North of downtown Los Angeles on a large stretch of land well known as “The Cornfield.”

Hydroseeding, Easement, Monument Among Project "Leave-Behinds"

The Not A Cornfield project has concluded on the grounds of the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

In addition to well-chronicled infrastructure donations, and in addition to the art action's legacy -- however you, blog readers, choose to define that -- Not A Cornfield has also contributed the following "Leave Behinds" to the Park, and to the community:
* A hydroseeded field of native and drought tolerant plants appropriate to the Southern California climate, spread over the 18 acres of the site that are not part of the State Park I.P.U. The seed mix includes White Yarrow, California Poppy, Golden Yarrow, Bush Sunflower, Biglow’s Coreopsis and more.
* An upgraded and hydroseeded city easement – which is the newly landscaped and likewise recently planted area just east of the Park’s fenceline, on City of Los Angeles-owned property.
* ‘Cornhenge,' an anabolic monument, composed in part of 31 bales culled from the Not A Cornfield harvest and located on the north side of the site, away from the State Parks I.P.U. The monument is hydroseeded with a plant mix similar to the above, including White Yarrow, California Poppy, Golden Yarrow, Bush Sunflower and more.
Not A Cornfield was a metabolic sculpture. Comprised of earth, seed, water, sun and labor, the work harnessed and highlighted the chemical processes that are necessary to maintain life. Metabolic processes can lead to either destructive (catabolic) or constructive (anabolic) tissue change. ‘Cornhenge’ is an ‘anabolic monument,’ a monument to constructive change that is itself the product of constructive change. It is, in other words, an anabolic product of the metabolic whole.