The Not A Cornfield Project Blog + Podcast

This is the official blog of the Not A Cornfield project, a living sculpture in the form of a field of corn. The project is located just North of downtown Los Angeles on a large stretch of land well known as “The Cornfield.”

Audio Documentary now online as a Podcast

The group Radiosonideros (Adolfo Guzmán López, Sara Harris, and Keren Ness) have created "The Roots of the Park", an evocative, informative, and captivating two hour audio documentary about past, present, and future of the Cornfield. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or download individual episodes here:

Episode 1: The Earth
Episode 2: The People, the Water, and the Rails
Episode 3: The People to the East
Episode 4: The Struggle for the Park: A View from Chinatown
Episode 5: The Food
Episode 6: The People to the West
Episode 7: Visions for the Park

Stay tuned for information regarding the purchase of a CD-quality copy of this documentary as well as photos and bags of corn from the project.