The Not A Cornfield Project Blog + Podcast

This is the official blog of the Not A Cornfield project, a living sculpture in the form of a field of corn. The project is located just North of downtown Los Angeles on a large stretch of land well known as “The Cornfield.”

City Hall Lit as Part of Blue Phase Ceremony

As part of the occasion, Los Angeles City Hall was bathed in blue lights. This particularly ephermal installation endured only that one evening.

The rest of the blue phase lighting, however, will last until Decemember 26. The cornfield is now home to blue lights on tall poles -- think, emblematic stalks -- each representating stars in the constellations of the winter solstice night sky.

Additionally, landmarks and buildings that surround Not A Cornfield will continue to be lit blue, nightly, until the 26th.

Also on December 3rd, City Councilmember Ed Reyes stopped by the ceremony to present a proclamation saluting the Not A Cornfield project and all who have visited the grounds.

Photos by (top) Scott Froschauer & (bottom) NAC/Steve Rowell