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State Parks Announces Competition to Select
Designer for Newest Los Angeles Downtown Park



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From California State Parks Foundation to Not A Cornfield:

Competition to Select Designer for Newest Los Angeles Downtown Park

In recognition of your past involvement and interest in State Park activities in the Los Angeles downtown area, the California State Parks Foundation and the California State Department of Parks and Recreation are very pleased and excited to share with you that the search is about to begin for the team that will design Los Angeles State Historic Park (formerly known as "The Cornfield").

The goal of the competition is to select an innovative and talented multidisciplinary team to combine landscape and urban design, art, architecture and historical/ cultural interpretation to design a concept for Los Angeles' newest, precedent-setting urban park. State Parks will coordinate the competition in partnership with the Foundation, which will provide organizational and financial resources to conduct the competition.

The competition will take place in two phases. In the first phase, design teams will provide their qualifications in response to an open Request for Qualifications (RFQ). During the second phase, three finalists will prepare design concepts in conjunction with a program of public meetings where your input will be sought.

We encourage you to share this announcement with anyone you believe will be interested in this competition.

Some further details

Selection - A Selection Committee comprised of technical and community representatives will review the submitted qualifications and select three finalists. Each of the three finalist teams will receive a stipend of $25,000 to enable them to create their conceptual proposals. Public meetings will be held to gather information, ideas and feedback on the proposals from the community. The Committee will then rank the three teams and make recommendations to the Director of State Parks, who will select the final team. That team will then contract with State Parks to create a fully realized conceptual plan for Los Angeles State Historic Park.

Design Challenge - The 32 acres of Los Angeles State Historic Park is the cornerstone of the City of Los Angelesí plan to revitalize the Los Angeles River corridor and transform this area into a hub, where all social, economic and cultural strata can meet and interact while celebrating the ethnic diversity and cultural heritage of Los Angeles. Visitors to this park should experience the environment through interpretive media and landscape features that recall the historic events of the region while being given various opportunities for educational/interpretive programming for individual visitors as well as larger groups.

Deadline for Submissions: April 17, 2006

Contact: The Request for Qualifications is posted at the California State Parks Foundation website. For further information about the competition, contact Sara Feldman, Southern California Director, California State Parks Foundation, at 213.380.9980 or Questions regarding the RFQ must be faxed to (916) 445-9027, subject: "RFQ-Los Angeles State Historic Park Conceptual Design."





March 31, 2006:
The Not A Cornfield project team has handed the keys to the Cornfield site back to State Parks and moved across the street into our new offices at 1745 Spring St.
Contact State Parks for public access and information about tours and open hours.


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